NHRA Races, Phoenix 2007 by carolynpullman@hotmail.com, updated March 2007

"I wake up to a sunny day." Eddie Rabbit

A (happy) surprise whirlwind trip to the sunshine, in the middle of the winter grays.
It was COOL to find warmth in the sun.

I had the most lovely & gracious of traveling companions to share the beautiful ride with!

All decked out in my Castrol NHRA Team Force Racing Gear

Me with Johnny, Team Force chef extraordinaire and part time camp counselor

I get a great view of all the excitement at the finish line

Got to visit family & friends in New River
What's with all the town names that imply liquid, that is so clearly absent in the desert?
River, Fountain, Springs, Creek, Wash
Come now, I guess I shouldn't talk, we call ours the "Garden" state

Sedona sunrise, the feeling and the view cannot be beat!

I happened upon an awesome art gallery (ok, it was near Starbucks).
Visions Gallery Page

"That shirt is so bright, my chakra balanced itself just looking at you,"
remarked the nice lady at the hotel.
I guess they should just be useta seeing such things, in such a New Age town.

What critter do you reckon left this print?
Probably just a puppy dog, but I was out in the wild, so it looked wild to me.

Toes on the cool red rock in the warm sun, aaah.

Addiction sated.

Bell Rock awaited, a nice sunny hike.

The sun was blazing (loved it, midwinter).

On to Fountain Hill! Cousin Marie & her fun bunch.

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