Victoria Island & Vancouver, August 2008
by, updated August 2008
"I close my eyes, I still see the skyline" Andrew Norsworthy
Victoria Island & Vancouver City, sights to behold, the friendliest of people
(if they could just do something with the exchange rate)

We probably were not going to hit the boat we were headed right for, right?

The most lovely of flowers were everywhere

Says a lot! (We so rarely use adjectives on our official stuff)

On to Vancouver (planned site for the 2010 Winter Olympics)
the Canadians remained medal-less, for the 2008 Summer Olympics, during my stay
"We're more of a winter Olympics country," I was reminded.

It was a nice hotel, overlooking "Canada Place"
(the elevator carpet even told you what day it was, in case you forgot)

The view from the roof was spectacular especially from the hottub after sundown

The view from the room wasn't half bad, either

Unbelievably clean subways & trains

Down for a "Sky"Train?

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