The Shore & More
by, updated August 2008
"Who says you can't go home?" Bon Jovi

Jersey Girls at the Jersey Shore!

Nice sunset, eh?

Liars! Bennies are never welcome

Vermont was both there & wonderful!

The Back Home Again Cafe was, again, the most tasteful, wholesome, organic fare

Can you believe this band is playing in NJ, "All the way from Vermont"?

Working hard in between fun adventures when I'm not on the road again

Jodie had a poignant family ceremony

Uncle Floyd was brilliantly funny!

Fun to be had, getting out and about, meeting new people

I don't believe in umbrellas, and have never purchased one
Despite that, why do I own all these?

Is Terri becoming a tree-hugger, too?
Nah, she just wants to have it made in the shade

I stole some photos of the kids, & their nice friends, off the internet
Go ahead, sue me

Me, Marco, & Leigh had some wave-running beach fun, too

There were more than a few jelly fish also sunning themselves near the waters

The boardwalk was good, clean, (quiet?) fun, too

Nice view from the top of the "Tower of Terror"


"Mall Day!"

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