June 2008 by carolynpullman@hotmail.com, updated June 2008
"All we are saying, is give peace a chance" John Lennon

Montreal was spectacular!
We stayed at the very hotel where John & Yoko recorded "Give Peace a Chance," during the 1969 "Bed-In for Peace"

It was an early morning start, but we were excited & ready (if not precisely perky)

All aboard! The train ride was scenic, if a little long

The view from the hotel was very nice

Robin jumped into her customary blur per usual

Elevators on either side there to confuse me, as always

Architecture, old & new merge in a lovely manner

1976 Olympic Village spectacular leaning tower view

BioDome, the most amazing stadium-sized terrarium? aquarium? zoo? I've ever seen

Parade & festival for the Quebec "Fete Nationale" holiday wasn't too crowded

Mount Royal Parc another natural wonder

Open-air cafes permeate the hippie side of town, the food was amazing

Glass by Picasso wasn't supposed to remind me of Kool-Aid, I suppose

Interesting little internet cafe in the mall sorta random

The whole city was gearing up for a major Jazz Festival

Who's taller here?

Marcus playing with the macro camera feature

Flowers bloomed beautifully everywhere we went!

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