March 2008 by, updated March 2008

The Infamous US Amatuer Team Chess Tournament
Parsippany Hilton


Marcus & I took a roadtrip to Stevens Institute of Nerdology
I'm ashamed to admit how much I like it

Miscellaneous stolen photos
C'mon, it's too easy, with technology today!

Adela is always a silly girl!

Fun with the Gilmore family
Too much fun? Maybe so!

The softer side of Raven

A birthday walk, 5 miles around the Merrill Creek Puddle
In the rain?!

Then there was Stephens park
Spring is nice for a walk

Why the smiles?!

Look, it's RyRy
Roger McGuinn (Turn, Turn, Turning for us)

A lovely hike, Sunfish Pond & Dunnfield Creek

Happy 18th Marco!

Spring has indeed sprung with a boing

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