Sonoma, September 2008
by, updated September 2008
"But he always had some mighty fine wine." Three Dog Night
Splendid Sonoma!

Spectacular scenery, fast cars, fine wine, great company, does life get any better?

First stop, "Legion of Honor" a mighty fine art museum...

Rodin is serious art, I'm not supposed to giggle because you can see his butt, right?

I'm not supposed to take pictures inside, either, but no one was there to remind me
I swoon when I see a Monet

Pissarro was pretty good, too

There was a complementary wine tasting in the lobby, as I arrived, I felt as if I was in heaven
of course, the early morning headache made me wonder had I arrived somewhere south of there

Even the stadium stone-work looked artsy (by New Jersey standards)

Leaving parts behind can't be good
(but it's worth a few points, unlike veering off the track, which is worthless)

The wine tour guide thoroughly amused me at the outset with what's surely an old joke (to them)
"If you want fine wine, come to Sonoma, if you want auto parts, go to Napa"

Trevor was clearly knowledgable and did a fine job of teaching us out-of-towners

We went to four quaint wineries from reasonably-priced to more elegant
Check out "Terrific Tours"

Sometimes it's all about the grapes

The word
idyllic kept coming to mind

What a perfectly lovely, perfectly-sized "crowd"

On to even more touristy Petaluma & San Fran

Blooming flowers abound all around!

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