Las Vegas, November 2008
by, updated November 2008
"I'm standing in the middle of the desert, waiting for my ship to come in." Sheryl Crow
What happens in Vegas...

Two words describe the glitzy city in the sand

("Decadent" is too cliche)

I come from the East coast, why would I end up with a room that has a view of a FAKE New York City??

There was snow on the ground when I left home, the sun seemed to be blazing a welcome

Alas, I cannot help but be charmed by palm trees, upon arrival

First stop, Vegas' tallest building

What a surprise treat, amusement park rides to be conquered at the top

Vegas in the daylight is still interesting (if not what we usually see in photos)

I was lucky to have the most knowledgeable of traveling companions

Nellis Air Force Base provided a great airshow, throughout the day

Only in Vegas (yes, people were drinking the carnival Bloody Mary's at 9AM)

"Charlie Palmers" (at the Four Seasons) was by far the most amazing culinary experience in all my existence

Did we consume, perhaps, a bit too much of a good thing? You betcha!

Onward to the famed Freemont

There was, indeed, a little magic in the air

All too soon it was time to hit the dusty trail home

Even at the airport, you can gamble to the last

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