Around & About NJ, Fall to Winter 2008
by, updated December 2008
"Happy Birthday to You! (Cha, cha, cha)"
Robin's Sweet 16 & More...

Breathtaking, beautiful fall cancer benefit walk around the ol' lake

Terri's awesome kitchen project, finished, at last!

A campus tour, worth the wander

THE pub is now a Starbucks?!? Go figure!

Katie had a celebrity sighting (Mr. Big, at Starbucks)

Steve Sherbert, I mean, Forbert came to HTown

Great live music, on a perfect autumn day

Another Hoboken Adventure

Shiney Secaucus Junction!

A Thanksgiving Feast that couldn't be beat!

A tree-trimming we will go!

The pickle was indeed found

Paying respects the Grandparents & visiting our favorite Rahway pub

A brunch extraordinaire

The smiling Stead sisters, in an unusual joint appearance
(Shelly, Carolyn, Terri, & Loni)

All the kids, together with their favorite aunts
(Adela, Marcus, Katie, & Robin)

A merry Christmas is often followed by an equally smashing "mall day"

"So long as we enjoy the light of day, may we greet one another with love"
Zuni prayer

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