Spring has Sprungeth 2009
by carolynpullman@hotmail.com, updated April 2009
"Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy," Tigger.

Spring 2009 (at long last)
Friends, Birthdays, Montclair University, Easter, Saint Michaels
(fun abounded, from all directions)

"The right choice"
Fun with Friends

Birthday fun, fun, fun - Terry's, mine, Dad's (belatedly), Marcus'

What a pretty pink piggie!
(I said I would NEVER forgive Terri for breaking it, now I hafta)

Ending the winter with the Super Bowl
(both lazying & partying at home)

Hi, ho, Easter egg hunting we will go

K n K
(kinda kute>

A star is born!
(not without a little help from Mom)

Montclair State University (MSU), here we come!
I don't like it JUST because their color is red

Lunch in lovely Hoboken

"Mama Mia" (here we went again)

Saint Michaels, Maryland
A sunny slice of heaven on Earth
Weekend adventure in friendly Victorian country

After finishing an afghan, I puzzled for my winter preoccupation

Still to come...Woodstock anniversary

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