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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur & more

Both beauty & splendor are easily found in Kuala Lumpur

"Unity is strength." Motto of Malaysia

I could not get over how all the spaces, both inside and out, were so remarkably aestetically pleasing

The adventure began, even before leaving on the big plane, by stealing some images from the internet, to set the mood

The service on Singapore Air was impeccable

After the long, long ride, I was instantly charmed by the hills and hills of plantation palms

Everything was breath-takingly shiny

The city was still sleeping, and the bridge still lit from the night, when I got on line to go up in the Petronas Tower
(at 6:50 AM I was #88 in the queue)

It seemed where ever there was a lit sign, at least one light was always out (like the "K" here)

I did not resist the welcoming pool-with-a-view

A most awesome team, sharing the most delectible cuisine, in the moist tropical evening air for
Supper in Chinatown

Does the smile not tell the whole story?

Menu selections were perfect, and much appreciated

Many interesting, exotic fruit, none as foreign as the "stinky fruit"
(which had an odor that resisted my adventurous nature, and I am almost ashamed to admit, I passed on)

An "aquired" taste, but well-appreciated by those "in the know"

I received a lovely parting gift (as if the meals and great company were not thanks enough)

Meleka is a wondrous respite, by the sea

Sporting spectacular vistas, a well-preserved sense of Malaysian history, religious venues of every type, and of course places to enjoy supreme authentic Malaysian cuisine

Ancient, preserved places of worship for the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Budhist, or Taoist

Flowers abounding, exotic and lovely

Eagle-eyed Kong Chin spotted the bird's nest, hiding among the picturesque blossoms

The ornate Malaysian capital, Putrajaya, was quite the city-emerging-from-forest to behold
I was much envious, a "planned" city I thought was found only in legends

It seemed too soon that I was called home

The plane ride home was, at least, soothing

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