Where's the 12 step for this ...addiction?
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How did this happen to a teetotaler like me?

From one coast to the other, the logo pulls me in, like a magnet!

Somerville, NJ
(one of those things I love about Barnes & Noble)
April 2009

Jersey City, NJ
(nice enough downtown to wander round)
April 2009

Hoboken, NJ
(pretty nice facade, a "classic")
March 2009

Hackettstown, NJ
(heaven help me, the Target in town now has a Starbucks)
December 2008

(Candy) Kean University (College)
Union, NJ
Hard to believe, THE Pub is a Starbucks now!
October 2008

Las Vegas, NV
(the Stratosphere, the Golden Nugget, & my hotel lobby, the Monte Carlo)
November 2008

Just South of Princeton, NJ
(they really are EVERYWHERE these days)
October 2008

Newark Airport, NJ
(ah, the first PSL of the season)
September 2008

Seattle, WA
(where it all began, and beyond )
August 2008

Newark, NJ

Seattle's tallest building
(Starbucks with a view)

Portland, OR

Port Angeles, WA

Vancouver, BC, Canada
(tucked in the lobby of the lovely Pan Pacific hotel)

Montreal, QC, Canada
June 2008

Atlantic City, NJ
March 2008

New York, NY
February 2008

Palisades Mall, NY
( I only photographed three of the four shoppes)
December 2007

White Marsh, MD
December 2007

Sedona, AZ
February 2007

Escher-esque madness

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