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Kuala Lumpur, Aug 2010 AT&T, Apr 2010
St Michaels & Friends & Family, Apr 2009
Fall Fam Fun, 2008 Las Vegas, Nov 2008 Sonoma, Sep 2008
Marcus' New Digs, Sep 2008
Conquering the GREAT North West, Aug 2008 Reverse Order Pool Party, Aug 2008 The Shore & More, Aug 2008 Mountain Lake, Aug 2008 Magical Montreal, Jun 2008 Raceway Park, Jun 2008
Pomp & Circ, Jun 2008 Around town, May 2008

M-I-C...K-E-Y Disney Rocks! 2007

Meet the fam... Dozens of cousins

Marcus juggles flaming devil sticks on YouTube 2007

Happy Feet, getting around I confess, I'm addicted

Adventures from days gone by... Archives & Fan Club

Marcus & Robin forever darlings!

Me, in the winner's circle, with John Force in Brainerd, MN

My baby sisters Loni & Terri, with Marcus, and me, all proud of our graduate!

Adela (my neice) bought a lovely house, in South Carolina (nice place, eh?)

Neices Adela (SC) & Katie (NYC)

Robin & Raven

Dad & Terry (his lovely bride, of 25 years)

Adela (Mom) & Adela (Neice)

Mountain Lake, near and dear... MLCA & WAG
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